Casino Software Reviews

When it comes to the founding fathers of online casino software, Odds On is the name that comes to mind most often. Check their games at casinos provided by website. This software provider has been around since 1998 and they offer downloadable as well as instant-play gaming options.

Graphics and Sounds

While many casinos pride themselves on providing realistic sound effects and graphics, Odds On seems to lack a bit in this department. While the aesthetic portions of the software are certainly adequate for gameplay, players may find that the overall 'feel' of the casino is far from advanced, play their games at Bwin casino. In fact, the quality of cards, chips and symbols on slot machines are often referred to as arcade-like and are more cartoonish than realistic.

User Interface

Upon entering an Odds On casino, the first thing many players notice is the wonderful layout of the welcome screens and the easy-to-navigate menus. Taskbars and drop-down windows are large and easy to use, and there are plenty of in-game options that users can customize to their liking. In fact, when compared with other top-rated casino game software providers, Odds On is often touted as having the best user interface, despite shortcomings in the graphics and sounds department.

End of Round Delays

Perhaps the biggest caveat when it comes to Odds On casino software happens at the end of each game round, whether it is a round of blackjack or even poker. While many software systems make a huge display when a player wins a hand, Odds On simply stops the game and leaves the original bet amount on the table for most casino table games. Though this may actually help to speed up gameplay somewhat, it is a bit off-putting to some as they are unsure of whether they have won or lost.

Overall, Odds On software is certainly worth the time and investment for players who enjoy classic gambling games with a twist considered as one of reputable software in the online gambling world. If players can get past cartoonish graphics and the lack of celebratory screenshots, they just may find themselves having a wonderful time.