Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

BlackJack is a popular Casino Online Games. Knowing the blackjack card counting strategy will really improve your chances of winning the game. Play blackjack at casinos suggested by casinoclowns.comwebsite. However, the basic strategy that is commonly known by blackjack players is that all the cards have an equal probability of being dealt. However, when you are playing online blackjack this is not so. You see, after each deal the cards go to a discard tray and these cards will not be used until the next reshuffling of the decks. Therefore, these cards will not be dealt on the next deal. That is why most individuals keep track on the cards placed on the discard tray, this is how casino table game blackjack is played.

Blackjack card counting strategy will help you win the game. How does this strategy come into play? For example, if the present hand value of a player is 16 or 17 the basic strategy can make him stand but if that players knows about the discard tray, containing large proportion of cards that are high in value then the shoe will the have a large proportion of cards that are low in value. Play your favorite blackjack at Red Flush online casino. This way, the player will have great chances to draw his or her low value card. That is why this situation should be taken to your advantage.

Blackjack card counting strategy will help the player have an estimate on the proportion that is relative of the high value and the low value cards. Knowing this strategy will improve your game and there will be a bigger chance for you to win. Once the cards are exposed in the deal, keep track of the cumulative cards value in the discard tray hence a high proportion of high value cards in the show. Play at online casinos with trusted casino software.

There are other card counting strategies that you can learn about but this particular blackjack Online card counting strategy is really one of the most useful and helpful.